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Overseas Buyers

Over the past 30 years since opening our Real Estate Office in 1989 we have noticed a huge shift in the buyer nationalities that are now purchasing properties in our area.

We enjoy a very multicultural mix of many different nationalities which has sometimes created challenges for us both in the Sales Department and also in the Property Management Rental Department. We often cannot communicate in the language that some of our clients use and often they have very little English that we can understand.

Language Translators installed on

To overcome some of these issues we have installed on the web site language translation options for Chinese, Turkish and Indonesian. At the top right hand corner of this page is a small national flag of each country which when clicked will translate all information on this site to the nominated language.

We do intend to add more languages in the future, if there is a need, please let us know and we will try to assist.

We believe this will be an invaluable tool for overseas buyers purchasing in our area. Often buyers that view properties here have family overseas that are involved in the decision making and financing process.

Previously family members have had to translate information on brochures or web pages for other family members involved in the purchase. Now, with this new facility, non English speaking overseas buyers can have all relevent information translated at the click of a button to their native tongue.

Foreign Investment – Requirements for Overseas Buyers

For all the latest information for purchasing as a foreign investor please go to the Foreign Investment Review Board Web Site